Types of Chainsaw-Electric, Gas, Cordless Chainsaw


A chainsaw is a powered cutting tool that uses a chain to cut wood. There are many types of chainsaws that can be used for different purposes. The types of chainsaw you need will depend on the job at hand, and this blog post is going to cover them all.

Types of Chainsaw

Differences are basically based on the power source, the amount of work you can do with them, and maneuverability. Three main types of chainsaw are-

Types of Chainsaw
  1.  Corded Electric Chainsaw
  2.  Cordless Chainsaw
  3.  Gas-powered chainsaw

All these have both advantages and disadvantages, and they are perfect for specific types of people. If you want to know the difference between Corded Electric Chainsaw and Gas Powered Chainsaw you can read the article of Electric Chainsaw vs Gas Chainsaw. Now, without any further ado, let’s get into it-

Corded Electric Chainsaw

Corded electric chainsaws are cool because you never have to worry about running out of gas! They do not have engines like gas chainsaws, so these types need to be plugged in when being used. This makes them immobile and means that you will need a power socket nearby for the tool to function properly.

Electric Chainsaw

Corded electric chainsaws are a good choice for new users because they can be used to perform basic tasks, like trimming branches and cutting logs. What you do need to keep in mind is that these chainsaws require special extension cords so the user gets the best performance possible!

So, we recommend these for the users who are planning to work in the close vicinity of their house and can plug the machine with an extension cord to do the job perfectly. People often fall for the inexpensive price point of these saws, and you should be 100% confident before making the decision. Otherwise, you’ll regret sure due to the compromised mobility with these chainsaws.

Gas Powered Chainsaw

A gas chainsaw is a powerful tool that can cut through any tree fast and efficiently, no matter how big it may be. It’s loud and emits fumes but if you start the machine when it isn’t cold outside, then there are few obstructions in its way!

Gas Chainsaw

For the most part, these machines are powered by lightweight 2 stroke engines with a range of displacement from 30cc (suitable for DIY work and pruning) to 120cc for professional use. There’s no substitute for these machines when it comes to taking care of your lawn!

2-stroke engines are very fuel-efficient making them environment friendly and inexpensive to maintain in the long run. There are other factors to consider as well when buying a gas chainsaw. You can read The Tooly Chainsaw Guide for details on this.

Battery Powered Chainsaw

Battery chainsaws are the future. They’re convenient, fuel-efficient, and eco-friendly but they also leave room for some major improvements in terms of cost to consumers who want to get their hands on one!

The biggest weakness of corded electric chainsaws is their limited range. This can make them impractical for use in the great outdoors, where you are constrained by how far from an outlet you have to be before your saw stops working.

Cordless chainsaws are the best of both worlds, combining electric saws with gas-powered ones to provide a quiet and maintenance-free experience. These tools run on lithium-ion batteries mostly, some manufacturers started using lithium polymer batteries as well to power their chainsaws. So, technology is constantly evolving and making things easier than ever.

If you’re looking for an easy way to cut through tough materials without having to worry about cord length limitations then consider investing in one of these versatile cutting machines that have been designed especially for those who love working outside but still want all the benefits afforded by modern technology.

Apart from these popular types, we used to have manual chainsaws to get the job done. Here is a brief on manual old school chainsaw as well-

Manual Chainsaw

Cutting down trees and chopping wood is a backbreaking job that was never meant for one person. But the chainsaw has made it easy to cut logs, even those bigger than you are! Manual chainsaws can be operated by one individual or two people working together. Unlike gas-powered saws that use an engine to run their chain at high speeds, manual ones rely on your hands and arms moving quickly in order to make them work efficiently enough. The blades of these devices have teeth that grip onto what they’re cutting so only six inches away from touching anything – no matter how wet or dirty it might get!

Manual chainsaws exist way before gasoline-powered did too – there’s nothing new about this technology except perhaps its portability.

It’s not as fast or powerful, but this chainsaw is economical and convenient for cutting firewood. It can be faster than other handheld saws you’ll find today, especially when you have a company!

Final Words

A chainsaw is a tool that has many advantages, but you should be cautious when using it. Chainsaws are perfect for those who want to maintain the outlook of their property and prefer cutting their own wood, as it can save time, effort, and money on chopping up logs or trimming bushes in just one go!

When used properly though- with goggles protecting your eyes from dust particles flying off the blade; some covering clothing like jeans so you’re not exposing skin when sawing through thicker branches; earplugs inside so all sounds become muffled enough to ignore any potential hazards around you- then this new power tool will be an aid rather than a danger.

We hope you enjoyed the article “types of chainsaw” and let us know if you have any confusion regarding this topic. We’ll happily answer your queries.

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