How to Sharpen a Table Saw Blade


How to Sharpen a Table Saw Blade

It’s very natural when a table saw lost its sharpness and becomes blunt to use. Many of us have a common tendency to change it that time. If we know how to sharpen a table saw blade, it becomes easier for us.

In this article, we are willing to share some ideas with you to implement. I hope, it will be a great help to you at your needy time. If you want you can also know about how to clean a table saw blade here.

Steps to Follow to Hold Sharpness of a Table Saw Blade

Working with a dull tool is not expected at all. It can bring negative consequences and create unsatisfactory results in the end. Below I am going to show you the must to follow directions to apply to expand the ultimate sharpness of the table saw blade.

1. Prepare the Blade Properly

First of all, it requires making the blade prepared precisely for the procedure. Take the first step by using a brush to clean the dirt from the teeth of the blade. If any pieces by anyhow stuck on it, you can get rid of that too.

Consequently, use some Vaseline on the table saw and let it remain like this for half an hour. Gradually, it softens the grime. Additionally, you can use a wire brush to clean it properly. Position the blade teeth to the right into it to make it sharper than ever.

2. Removing the Blade from Its Position

Now it’s the prime time to have a precious replacement of the blade of the saw. After removing it, place it on the flat surface. That doesn’t mean you are free from all dangers. Still, some safety measures are to be taken.

3. Safety Precautions

While placing the saw blade, accidents can happen in any time. Cover your hands with hand gloves to protect your fingers from the sudden cust. As the new blade is sharp, possibilities are on the rise to pierce your skin.

While working, something splinters can fly on your eyes and create dangerous consequences. It can make you blind too. Wearing goggles will be safe for you in that case.

Wear a facemask to avoid extreme metal splinters that might cause a severe attack on the face.

4. Sharpening the Blade

In this portion of the article, have close attention. This process takes a bit of time. Use a sharpening handheld file to expand the sharpness of the blade. In this case, concentrate on the bottom of the teeth to be sharpened enough.

Just going backward and forward while sharpening is mandatory. Otherwise, it will end up resulting in blunt as well. Once, it is done, clean the residue from it.

Then you should apply lubricating oil. It’s necessary to get rid of unwanted rusting.

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We hope you must learn how to sharpen a table saw blade. These simple steps are it becomes to follow and useful too. This will save your money from buying another saw blade when it is blunt. If you have any query, just let us know it in comments. And if you want to know more like Grizzly G1023RL review, Jet 708675PK XACTASAW review, Delta 3HP Motor UNISAW review or so on, you can check that out also…

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