How to Clean a Table Saw Blade


How to Clean a Table Saw Blade

Need to know about cleaning a table saw blade? That’s what we are going to talk about here in this article. You see, knowing about Grizzly G0690, Shop Fox W1819 or Powermatic PM2000 reviews are never enough. Well, they are important but we often ignore many important topics. That’s not going to happen here. Now, we are going to talk about how to clean a table saw blade.

Everything whatever we use in our day-to-day life gets dirty soon. The table saw is not exceptional in that case. A filthy saw offers you poor service in cutting. Clean table saw blade very effective in smooth operation. That’s why you must know how to clean a table saw blade. In this article, I will let you know the ultimate guideline about it.

Steps to Have a Clean Table Saw Blade

This guideline is fairly simple to follow. To save your blade from excessive damage, you would love to follow it.

1. Detach the Blade from the Saw

To make a super cleaning, you need to remove this sharp object from the table saw. Make sure, there is no electric connection with the saw while you are doing so.

Then take an aluminum pan and put the blade in it. Hence, make it sink into the water of the pan. If you find it massively dirty with debris or dust, you can use a stiff brush to shrink it off.

2. Put Cleaning Agent in the Water

Take washing-friendly cleaning stuff into the water. In that case, you can use detergent. Then put it in the taken water of the pan and stir it properly.

After 5-10 minutes, it will get into the action properly. The best way to save your finger from unwanted accidents, you need to keep them in the center hole of this sharp material.

Move your hand in a round motion and start stirring the water. Instead of fingers, you can use a brush too.

For easy and quicker cleaning, you must avoid toxic cleaning stuff. This must create an offensive situation for you to deal with.

3. Scrub the Dirt

When the detergent will start working properly, the dirt seems to lose from the surface of the blade gradually. Then take a stiff brush and scrub the filth over it for effective cleaning maintenance.

4. Make it Dry

After having a great wash, drying is very necessary for any kind of sharp material. The unwanted dirt leaves intense bad effects and makes the saw poorly cut.

Nevertheless, you should dry the blade properly. Just keep it upright and let the air do the rest of the work automatically.

Remember, water makes the steel blunt. Eventually, rust develops on the surface and ultimately it loses the desired sharpness.

5. Adjust the Blade to the Saw

In this section of the article, you need to position the blade properly to the table saw. Insert it and provide the required power supply in it.

Let’s Watch a Video!


Maintaining the table saw blade is very simple to do when you care about the tools. Through this article, you learn about how to clean a table saw blade.

Blunt materials are useless for every workshop. You can clean it twice or thrice throughout the year. Just have a closer look when it gets dirty and start cleaning it.

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