How to Change a Miter Saw Blade(Step by Step)

how to change a miter saw blade

It is necessary to replace a miter saw blade when needed. Unless you can’t give a perfect shot. You’ll face some problems while working. That’s why you need to know how to change a miter saw blade.

Before changing it you have to buy a miter saw blade that is suitable for your miter saw. You can read our “best miter saw blade and buying guide” article so that you can understand which blade you buy and which one you shouldn’t.

On different work projects, well performances are much needed with efficient knowledge about professional tools. When blades become blunt, it requires a new one for replacement. In this article, I will let you learn about this in detail.

Why You Should Change Your Miter Saw Blade

After using a saw blade for a long time it loses its sharpness and becomes dull. It can’t give an accurate cut, quick cut. It loses its power. You need to give extra force to do your job. It burns the wood. You’ll face a lot of problems and you can’t finish your work properly. And that’s why you should change your miter saw blade. When you look at the blade that is not working properly as before, then change the saw blade as soon as possible.

Step by Step Process to Change a Miter Saw Blade

The ultimate procedure of changing the miter saw blade is very simple and easy to do. Let’s proceed with discussing the topic.


1st you should disconnect your miter saw from the power source. Don’t try to change the blade from the miter saw while it’s still plugged in. You might get hurt and might get serious injuries. So be careful.


Remove the Spindle Cover. Start by rotating the blade guard to the top position. Then remove the front screw of the spindle cover and allow it to drop back to the back screw of the spindle cover.


In order to fully lock the spindle, press the spindle lock. If the lock can’t be fully locked, then apply pressure with a 10mm wrench to tighten to the spindle lock.


After that use the wrench clockwise so that you can remove the bolt holding the blade. Next, take out the outer washer of the saw blade. You can do this easily by using your own hands. Now, you can bring out the old blade. There’s no reason to take out the inner washer. So, let the inner washer remain,


Now, replace the blade. You can safely replace it. Wipe away the oil from the inner and outer washers. Remember to add the new blade downward of its teeth facing. When you attach the blade properly, do the opposite of removing the blade. Place the outer washer back on. Then check the blade is steadily attached. You can check it by using your finger. Refasten the bolt using a wrench in an anti-clockwise motion to tighten.


Be sure the blade is well attached. To be safe, display caution throughout this blade-changing process. In the end, use a screwdriver to reattach the blade. And then tight the blade guard to the miter saw and lower it.

Let’s Watch a Video


Well, you have already learned how to change a miter saw blade. As I have mentioned before that this total procedure is very simple. By now, you have come to know in-depth details about how to change a miter saw blade.

If you want to know how to change a table saw blade, you can check it here.

When you have to change the blades for different reasons, it never will bother you again I hope. For handling a different construction project, this learning must aid you a lot.

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