Grizzly G1023RL 3 HP Cabinet Table Saw Review


Grizzly Industrial is one of the leading machinery companies in a global perspective, especially in the United States. If you are in a further quest of machinery products in any size, that will be easily found here for the mechanical shops with all of the competitive advantages. This Grizzly G1023RL 3 HP Cabinet Table Saw Review is a minimal effort of introducing you to the widest product collection of this wonderful and particular brand.

This machinery saw is excellent in all respective aspects implementing the best opportunities in the woodworking area. Let’s look at its main features and their benefits. Also, never forget to check its pros and cons.

We also have a detailed review of Grizzly G0690 Cabinet Table Saw in case if you want to check that out.

Grizzly G1023RL 3 HP Cabinet Table Saw Review

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Features of Grizzly G1023RL 3 HP Cabinet Table Saw

Though this unit didn’t make it our best cabinet table saw guide, it still has some quality features. The Grizzly G1023RL 3 HP Cabinet Table Saw Review has exceptionally good with important features. Below, you can have a look at those potential features.

Powerful motor

The Grizzly G1023RL cabinet table saw features a strong motor of 3 HP that works with no interruption. The capacity of this motor to cut thicker hardwoods is just amazing.

In addition, it leaves a good performance with larger saws. To achieve the higher kickback, strong motors are prone to provide the desired performance.

The 3 HP cabinet saw offers a great delivery of wonderful performance establishing the companies’ latest safety features.

Sufficient performance of this feature will definitely suit your requirements. It doesn’t get bogged and maintains noise-free operation. It efficiently handles even the toughest piece of wood.


Features of Grizzly G1023RL 3 HP Cabinet Table Saw

The solid construction of a table saw is the highly demanded feature with no doubt. The grizzly manufacturer never makes mistakes in making stable construction from top to the bottom.

High-grade materials are generally used to build this machinery saw. The solid surface provides a convenient working area that is massively supportive.

Dust Collection

Using the lower part of the blade, this grizzly saw collects messy wood piece. It works nicely a good dust collector. In this case, the lower part of the blade is suitably linked with the dust port.

By using so, the dust collector makes the working environment dust-free. If you start using this product, you don’t have to worry for much cleaning.

Adjustable Gab Plates

The Grizzly G1023RL includes fully adjustable gab plates approaching the best quality of the saw. The throat plate looks like a needle plate. It doesn’t go with the 45-degree angle for the single blade operation. Overall, it is a worthy feature of the saw.

Fence System

The fence system is so easy to handle providing higher quality grade associated with the Grizzly G1023RL. This excellent saw will cheer you up with the dedicated fence lock knob.

The fence seems to be well serviceable to you as it accomplishes even the minor adjustment accurately.

Riving KnifeGrizzly G1023RL

Riving knife is another essential feature of the Grizzly. Unlike other table saw, it is quick releasing and works faster than others.

This adjustable feature assists the blade of the saw to prevent sudden kick back. Suitably it adjusts with the different cuts. This is the most demanded parts of a saw that acts as a safeguard.

Belt Drive System

The Grizzly G1023RL includes belt drive system in its superior configuration. It is noise-free and that’s why keeps the environment calm and peaceful.

Again it ensures an uninterrupted power transfer efficiency maintaining the standard level.


  • This table saw has a quick release lever.
  • Less cleaning is required manually when you have the Grizzly G1023RL.
  • It is a leading and most popular saw for its simple adjustments and reliable working method.
  • The powerful 3 HP motor is a worthy addition to cut hardest density woods.
  • It adjusts with the motor temperature well.
  • Packing is very easy to do.


  • No leveling feet are adjusted with it.
  • Still, a few of dust may bother you sourcing from the blade.

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Benefits of Using the Grizzly G1023RL Table Saw

Are you curious what makes Grizzly G1023RL worthy to become a great tool to everyone’s eyes? This happens because there are numerous benefits of this saw.

This saw has an excellent service record. It is smooth running and its brilliant works from the start to the ending makes the buyers satisfied which fetches them a pleasure to use this saw. It has the ease and speed in the operation.

This saw has solid construction all the way around from the top to the bottom. The price point of the Grizzly G1023RL saw is excellent especially with the quality provided.

Grizzly G1023RL 3 HP Cabinet Table Saw

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

  1. Is the dado plate using allowed with this saw?

Answer: Yes, you can use a dado plate. Meanwhile, you need to insert it when you feel the necessity to do.

  1. I want to know about the dust collection of it, may I know?

Answer: Of course, you can know about it. In fact, it is adjusted with a dust hose managing sufficient airflow for the convenient use. Still, you will find some gaps at the top of the table part. Hope, you can effectively manage it with foam.

  1. Is there any warranty for the service?

Answer: Dear customer, to know about the authentic information, you can visit the professional website of the Grizzly. Thanks for your query.


In this Grizzly G1023RL 3 HP Cabinet Table Saw Review, I have highlighted the most useful and unique features from my personal experience. And of course, this is a minimal effort of mine to minimize your worries about choosing the best table saw.

Hopefully, desires are blowing on your thoughts to have the sweetest experience in using the Grizzly just like me. Come on and enjoy the upgraded quality of the manufacturer.

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