Greenworks 40V Chainsaw Review: An OP Chainsaw?


Cutting trees with chainsaws is very funny and joyful for every chainsaw user. It’s an important tool for tree plumbing, milling, slicing, cutting tree branches, and other multi porousness. If you are looking for one of the best chainsaws for various working small to bug then the best choice will be Greenworks 40V chainsaw. The Greenworks 40V chainsaw review is going to tell you why it is the best choice.

It’s a cordless chainsaw for milling and home uses. Not only this, the comfortable and cool features will provide you with a smooth cutting with peace of your mind.

We are gonna share with you the Greenworks 40v 16 inch Brushless Cordless Chainsaw Review with our expert solution that will help you to decide about this saw.

Moreover, we appreciate it as the best size homeowner’s chainsaw with a good budget for the 16 inches super-strong and flexible bar.  on the other head, we included the positive and negative sites of these tools so that you will not befall into any problem after purchasing this medium chainsaw.

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Greenworks 20312 40V 16 inch Brushless Cordless Chainsaw Review

In this Greenworks 40V chainsaw review, we will have a marvelous discussion about the top specification, most important features, pros and cons, our observation of this 16-inch chainsaw as well.

Why You Should Trust in Our Words in this Review

This is an important and necessary question. Where most of the reviews aggravate their product’s quality for increasing their sale, it’s a hard task to choose the right product that suits your demands. If you have no experience in buying Greenworks 40V chainsaws before, you must be overwhelmed with a wide range of this product for sure.

I know how painful it is to spend your hard-earned money behind a useless product based on some showy reviews which were just making business profits only. Some of the manufacturer companies unnecessarily follow this trend without thinking about the consumer’s needs. Then it becomes a tough situation for buying a quality product.

That’s why I intend to help you heartily from a view of responsibility with this unbiased review. Users can comfortably make the best use of this mechanism without any hassle. Here, I spend hours upon hours figuring out the Greenworks 40V chainsaw can fulfill your demand precisely. Not only do we search on the internet but also we focus on the real users who have experience using the products practically.

To make this reliable review, we have cross-examined the quality of the products frequently. That’s how we have made this review. Our only goal is to help you in taking the right decision. In terms of that, we have made a team as I have mentioned before, and consult a lot on this zone with our collective data that we have made for your assistance.

Then we discuss the specification, features, pros and cons, benefits. I hope you already got the answer. If you still have any doubt you can comment on your question below the comment box. Now, let’s have a look at our detailed review.

Key Features and Top Specification of Greenworks 40V Chainsaw

  • The saw pitch is 0.375 inches, safety chain brake, metal bucking spikes, and an automatic oiler.
  • The product is 31 x 9 x 8.5 inches dimensions
  • 10.36 pounds of weight
  • The safety feature of this chainsaw is on/off control with auto power off.
  • Chain brake and low kickback chain
  • It has a brushless motor and the motor design offers up to 70% less vibration
  • The innovative brushless motor technology provides up to 30% more torque and up to 80% longer life.
  • Bar guide is a 16 inch
  • Electronic brake system included
  • Compatible with Greenworks G-MAX 40V Li-Ion System
  • The cutting capacity is 30 inches deep
  • Cuts 90 times per charge.
  • The battery capacity is 2 AH.

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  • Greenworks brushless motor provides longer run-time, more torque, and more power.
  • This leads to less wear and tear,extending the lifetime of this.
  • 1 battery powers more than 25 tools.
  • Chain brake and low kickback chain increases user safety
  • Electronic chain brake prevents from accidental kick-backs
  • The oil can be drained out when in storage

Our Observation for the Greenworks 40V Chainsaw

Perfect working capacity in the professional project with smoothness. The maximum time you should not use is for a longer forestry project but also you should not avoid the chainsaw for medium, home, and DIY projects.

If you are a beginner then you need to pick this chainsaw for lightweight ad safety features. The chain breaker stops the kickbacks and ensures maximum protection.

Just think about the price and performance- it offers high performance but also it is available for under $250.

The brushless motor is very powerful in that it produces 11 MPS of fast cutting speed and the power comes from 2 AH powerful batter. The battery backup is amazing for medium and small tasks.

If you want to cut firewood or dry wood that is super strong then you do not need to fear the bar guide damage because of the durability. The 16-inch bar is made with strong steel materials that can tolerate high pressure. Furthermore, the chain track is smooth to rotate the chain accurately.

The chain of GreenWorks 20312 offers you the highest sharpness with super-strong driver links that can cut any kind of hardwood.

As a handy tool, you can carry it very easily for the lightweight and also the handles are comfortable and these are gripped by rubber.

GreenWorks 20312 is a 16-inch chainsaw for medium purposes but also it is possible to cut 30 inches of trees with this chainsaw. 

Don’t need to worry about the battery life. The battery life will last for long-duty cutting and also the charging is super-fast. The battery can be died after using long hours cutting in the workplace. If you carry an extra battery with this then it will be the ideal plan for you.

What do we like most in the chainsaw?

  • Lightweight
  • Simple to handle.
  • Cordless outline.
  • Easy to start.
  • Nice cutting ability.
  • Less shaking or vibration.
  • Affordable

What do we dislike in the chainsaw?

  • The chain oil can be leaked if you are storing it in the wrong way.

Extra Advantage of this Chainsaw

GreenWorks 20312 is best for milling. If you use this chainsaw to make slicing the wood into pieces then you will discover it funny. This work is very enjoyable with this chainsaw. Moreover, we got it very comfortable while working in the workshop.

If you want to cut the big size of trees then you should cut the tree in the round. Otherwise, there is a chance to break the bar guide.

On the other hand, we gotta kickback protection. In the tree plumbing or milling, we have safe from the kickback. It is very advantageous features that the GreenWorks included a super-strong chain breaker to stop the dangerous kickbacks. Even the durable chain breaker will not be broken for the heavy wood.

Further, the motor does not create extra pressure in the battery even it produces the highest speed for the fastest cutting. 

You are free from extra vibration while working for the amazing brushless motor. The motor does not make noise that is annoying for you and you will feel a refresh while working.  Not only this, you do not need to purchase any ear protection to protect your ear from noise.

The push to start feature is made with digital technology that is smart, easy, and comfortable. Besides, you can control the speed.

The tool-less chain tensioning system offers you comfortable feelings to change the chain and bar guide.

Moreover, the auto oiler is one of the most important advantage features of this chainsaw that help to stop the oil from leakage.  It is really strong and high quality that can be fit tightly but sometimes it cannot stop the oil leaking.

Besides, the machine will not be hot after using a long-time in your professional projects.

Also, there are more advantages that you will feel while working with the saw.

Frequently Ask Questions(FAQs)

Question no.1: What is the chain speed of this chainsaw?

Answer: The chain speed of this chainsaw is 15 meters per second.

Question no.2: Does it come with a scabbard?

Answer: Yes, It comes with a scabbard. You should receive a scabbard/chain cover for this unit.

Question no.3: Where is this chainsaw made?

Answer: This chainsaw is made in China.

Question no.4: Where does one get a replacement chain?

Answer: One can get a replacement chain on Amazon.

Question no.5: What about the product warranty?

Answer: GREENWORKS™ hereby warranties this product, to the original purchaser with proof of purchase, for three (3) years against defects in materials, parts, or workmanship.

Items not covered by warranty

  • If any part has become inoperative because of commercial use, abuse, misuse, neglect, accident, alteration, or improper maintenance,
  • With the owner’s manual if the unit has not been operated or maintained in accordance.
  • Normal wear, except as noted below.
  • Routine maintenance items such as lubricants, blade sharpening.
  • Normal deterioration of the exterior finish because of use or exposure.

How to Maintain a Chainsaw

It is very easy to main the GreenWorks 20312 chainsaw because of a battery-powered chainsaw. You may get a bar cover with this chainsaw and you just need to cover the bar after using it.

However, smoothness is one of the most important things about chainsaws. If you wanna keep the smoothness then you have to change the chain oil after completing some projects.

Try to carry 2 batteries with this saw, one for an extra backup, and also do not forget to clean your saw after using it.

Furthermore, you should know how to use a chainsaw properly, and then you will be able to maintain the saw perfectly.

Final Thought

In the judgment of this chainsaw, our experts rated the saw 4.5 out of 5 according to the performance. If you will purchase this cordless saw for your professional or personal uses then your money will or be wasted.

Not only this, the GreenWorks 20312 40V 16-inch brushless chainsaw is best for weight, comfort, and price.

Well, I hope the GreenWorks 40V 16 inch Brushless Cordless Chainsaw Review is the right guide for you if are a little bit confused about this chainsaw.

When you are looking for the right gas comparable lawn tools then the Greenworks G-MAX System is the right solution to get the job done to turn to with the power and performance, longer run time, and versatility.

Don’t ever, waste your money on a low-quality project and get the best for yourself. Thank you to read…

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