Electric Chainsaw VS Gas Chainsaw – Which is Better?


Electric Chainsaw VS Gas Chainsaw

Electric Chainsaw VS Gas Chainsaw? Well, this is a very confusing question for a worker. That’s why this article is for.

Chainsaw is like a commander in your power tools collections. It gives a new life and new motivation to you and upgrades your collection to a new level. Home Lawn and Gardens are a piece of heaven on earth. No matter where you go the comfort, emotional attachment and peace you will find in your garden will be a no match. People spend a lot of time in their garden for that peace but sometimes unwanted herbs, branches, and plants start to disturb you and it is not easy to clear them without the help of tools.

Chainsaws are the best power tools for managing your home lawn and garden décor. Everyone wishes to buy the best professional chainsaw but there is a large range of variety which confuses a person in buying the best as per the need and requirement. Mainly Power Chainsaws are of 2 types

  • Electric Chainsaw [Subtypes: Corded and Cordless]
  • Gas Chainsaw

Electric Chainsaw


There are two types of electric chainsaw i.e. Corded and Cordless. Both have their limitation and benefits. In a corded Chainsaw, you have an ultimate source of power if you have a source nearby and you can use it for hours without needing to charge the power tools. You can work for hours on your favorite projects and clear your garden from all the unwanted herbs and branches but you have to deal with all the wires and cords for using this. You also have to provide a static power source towards your project base location. In a cordless chainsaw, you do not have to provide the chainsaw with a static power source.

Cordless chainsaw offers free mobility but the limitation it might work for some hours before it needs to be charged again. Lithium Powered Cordless chainsaw is now available in the market which is far better than Nickle-Cadmium Batteries. They take less time in charge than Nickel-cadmium batteries and last more. They provide free mobility for hours. You can take your chainsaw anywhere and everywhere without having to worry about dealing with cords.

Other prominent factors that users define in selecting the electric chainsaw are weight. While Gas fuel has its weight which users have to carry around but an electric chainsaw is light weighted and has a constant weight so they are a lot easy to carry around. There is also a variety of mini electric chainsaws available in the market that are super portable and light-weighted. They are very easy to use that need low maintenance and even women can use them for hours due to their lightweight features.

Gas Chainsaw


The Gas-powered chainsaw is mostly recommended for heavy-duty use and to professional users. They are heavy-duty saws with more power than electric chainsaws. If you are in an area that has a lot of trees or you need a lot of wood for professional use then a gas power chainsaw is best for you. They come in many sizes, shapes,s and bar lengths and you can always buy one as per your need and requirements. Like a cordless chainsaw, the Gas-powered chainsaw is also portable and you can take them anywhere. 

A gas-powered chainsaw is more powerful than another chainsaw but they also have some drawbacks. They are way heavier than any other powered source chainsaw as there is a weight of the saw and you also have to carry the fuel weight with you. This causes fatigue and a lot of power to use. They do not have an auto oiler system like the electric chainsaw and you have to check the machine manually for an oil change. A gas chainsaw is also difficult and expensive to manage as regular tuning is required to increase the life span of the machine. Safety Features are also lesser in a gas chainsaw than an electric chainsaw. They are noisier than an electric chainsaw and worst of all you have to deal with all the unfriendly gas, fumes, and smoke which are also not environmentally friendly.


Everything has its pros and cons. The same is the case for Electric chainsaws and Gas-powered chainsaws. While Gas chainsaw is more professional are more powerful and heavy-duty yet they make a lot of noise pollution, air pollution. They are heavy and their maintenance is also expensive and difficult but when it comes to power and commercial use. Even today, a Gas chainsaw is more preferred. Electric cordless chainsaw is portable like gas chainsaw and they make less noise and pollutions. They are easy to manage yet they tend to have limited battery power and need charging time. On the other hand, the most comparable in terms of power with the gas chainsaw is the electric chainsaw but they are corded and provide less mobility. Visit Power Tools Bible if you want to learn more about the latest top models of all kinds of chainsaws in detail. 

We have tried our best to portray the major difference between Electric Chainsaw VS Gas Chainsaw. We leave the decision to you. Always do your homework, before buying these expensive beasts.

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