Delta 3HP Motor 10Inch UNISAW Review & Buying Guide


If you are a woodworking professional and love to be completely satisfied with the best fine tuning, Delta 3HP Motor 10Inch UNISAW Review is the right choice for you to read. Engaging a comfortable and constant operation with reliable accuracy is the way of the service it extremely provides.

Personally, I have used this one and time has ripened enough to give a fair review over it for other beneficial purposes. This well-built saw machine has great finishing and fits well. The excellent design and its way of operation will surprise you for sure.

In this Delta 3HP Motor 10Inch UNISAW Review, I am going to highlight the exclusive features of this product along with its solid pros and cons. And I would like to answer some frequently asked questions that arise on your mind naturally. Till then stay connected with me by reading this review.

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Features of Delta 3HP Motor 10Inch UNISAW

Though this unit didn’t make it our best cabinet table saw guide, it still has some quality features. In this Delta 3HP Motor 10Inch UNISAW Review, we will have a marvelous discussion about the most important features and their advantages as well. Let’s check it!


Delta saw comes with this latest system. It offers spectacular hairline pointer coated with built-in tape. This permits for good setups in the working session.

This incredible mechanism offers high-grade tolerance. In case of this fence, there is a possibility to get locked with the lever on the inward position.

Dual Front Cranks

This is a unique and quite useful feature that must be in the best saws. The dual front cranks are a part of an advanced system named BIESEMEYER Fence.

It aims to create a good adjustment with the blade and its height. Again, it offers reliable accuracy in the operation.

Tabletop GeometryDealte 3HP

This feature is ready for expansion in creating versatile operation in work. The 36-L352 made a good development in the table top.

By using it, you will get enough surfaces to use while making the materials ready to fix for a while. Of course, it offers dependable smoothness when you start it using.

Cast Iron Base

The cabinet of the Delta UNISAW is made of cast iron base. That’s why it is stable enough to use. The accessible ON/OFF switch performs great with easy activation even if you keep it on any angle.

Sturdy mounting bracket flexibly performs well while getting it switched off when needed.

Dust Extraction

Delta UNISAW features another important feature that is must to have in the professional machine. “Yes, this is the dust extraction. A collector hose is widely used here to remove spills, dust or debris.

The closed bevel gauge associated with this cleaning equipment promotes a sealed interior in that case. By improving enough visibility, it works great in dust collection.

Convenient Storage

A storage drawer is necessary to keep important parts and accessories such as riving knives, saw blades, flange etc.

You can easily put all of the tools including split guards in this smart storage.

Split Guard

When it comes to making a review of the exceptional design about this saw machine, you must notify the appreciable split-guard design. It widely permits genuine rise and fall of the riving knife in during the work time.

Consequently, it uses a particular level on the inwards of the saw and acts as a safeguard to the riving knife. No tools are required while doing the anti-kickback paws.


  • The saw makes handy use of the blades.
  • It cuts smoothly.
  • No issues are found in the power configuration while in use.
  • Two cranks perform well on the inward part of the machine.
  • The fence offers a fine-tuning in the cut.
  • It provides a vibration free environment.


  • This saw is very heavy to carry.
  • The side table may appear as cheap to you at times.

Benefits of the Delta UNISAW

This ideal cabinet saw is the prime focusing point in this Delta 3HP Motor 10Inch UNISAW Review. The 3HP motor performs well over hardwoods. It features with front mounted control features. The motor will create no issue at all.  For this reason, it is very smooth to use.

Again, it offers flexible cutting in the wood workshop. You must appreciate the throat plate for its size beyond your expectation. And you can easily fit your hands there in working time.

This solid and sturdy saw is very durable I think as it has both well-built construction and design. The overall system finely introduces the consumer with a precision set up.

Delta 3 HP Motor 10 in. UNISAW

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

  1. May I know about where the Delta UNISAW is made?

Answer: “Sure, most parts of the Delta UNISAW is constructed in the USA.  Some other components are made in China, Taiwan also.  Overall, the quality it should have is perfectly maintained in this machine.

  1. I would like to query about the availability of switches and space in the saw.

Answer: Yes, there are floor switches you will get here, where the large thigh switch actively works great. But no toe space is to be found underneath the saw.

  1. Can I know about the service of the motor?

Answer: Of course, the motor is actually 220V. And it works flawlessly without any power interruption.


So there you go. How was the Delta 3HP Motor 10Inch UNISAW Review? No doubt the Delta UNISAW is a decent woodworking tool with so many outstanding features. I have honestly made the subtle discussion in this Delta 3HP Motor 10Inch UNISAW Review

Still, I wish a bit of improvement in the fence.  In the dust collecting equipment’s, I hope the manufacturers will improve the sealing the cracks. Overall, I am highly glad after using the saw. Hope you will have this pleasant experience too.

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