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Best Miter Saw Blade

A miter saw is used for regular crosscuts, angled cuts, bevel and compound angle cuts, repeatable cuts, and so on. This type of blade plays an important role to give you clean cuts. And for a perfect cut, your blade should be perfect. But after working for so long time with your blade or some other reason the blade will become less efficient, it costs you time as well as money. And that time it’s important to replace your blade regularly to maximize your turnaround times. Before changing it and buying a new blade, you should know the best miter saw blade so that you don’t waste your money accidentally.

However, a blade in terms of power, teeth, efficiency, and clean-cut should be your wild card. You will find different types of miter saw blades out there. Among them, some are well-suited for clean-cut such as regular crosscuts, miter cuts, bevel cuts, and compound cuts, and some are not that good enough and a few blades are for nothing. How do you find that they are good or not? That’s why you should follow the buying guide.

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Need to Buy a Miter Saw Blade Now?

Our Pick One
DEWALT 10-Inch Miter Saw Blade (DW3106P5)

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6 Best Miter Saw Blade in Our List

When Should You Change Your Saw Blade?

There are a few important signs to be noticed that will let you know when it’s time to replace your miter saw blade. They are:

Sluggish cutting

When cutting through with a properly sharpened blade you should feel little to no resistance. If your blade needs more force than usual or seems to hits snags while cutting then there is a high chance that it has become dull and needs to be replaced.

Burns on wood

When you use your blade to cut wood, always be sure to thoroughly inspect each piece after you cut. Well burn marks are common, and not only they are unsightly, but they are also great indicators that your saw blade has lost its sharpness and effectiveness.

Difficulty following Cut Lines

Sharp miter saw blades should move smoothly along cut lines. If you’re finding that your finished metal or wood pieces are jagged or are not as precise as you want them to be, it may be because your blade is too dull to cut through them.

Loud Sounds from the Miter Saw

Well, miter saws are loud during operation, but they can become significantly louder. Pay attention to the sound that your miter saw blade makes when it’s working at peak efficiency and remember the sound. If the sound changes then it probably means your blade has lost its sharpness.

How to Change a Miter Saw Blade

You need to follow some easy steps to change a miter saw blade.

  • 1st you should unplug your miter saw.
  • Then remove the Spindle Cover.
  • In order to fully lock the spindle, press the spindle lock. 
  • After that remove the bolt holding the blade by using a wrench clockwise.
  • Take out the outer washer of the saw blade and bring out the old blade.
  • Now, replace the blade.
  • Wipe away the oil from the inner and outer washers.
  • *Note: Remember to add the new blade downward of its teeth facing.
  • When you attach the blade properly, do the opposite of removing the blade.
  • In the end, use a screwdriver to reattach the blade and tighten the blade guard.

For details check out the article How to Change a Miter Saw Blade.

Reasons for Trust Our Word in this review

There are some reasons for discussion

Why you should trust our words in this best miter saw blade review This is a must-have question indeed. Where most of the reviews aggravate their product’s quality for increasing their sale, it’s a hard task to choose the right product that suits your demands. If you have no experience in buying any miter saw blade before, you must be overwhelmed with a wide range of products for sure.

I know how painful it is to spend your hard-earned money on a useless product based on some showy reviews which were just making business profits only. Some manufacturer companies unnecessarily follow this trend without thinking about the consumer’s needs. Then it becomes a challenging situation for buying a quality product.

That’s why we intend to help you heartily from a view of responsibility with this unbiased review.

Research purposes

For research purposes, we have spent hours upon hours figuring out the best miter saw blade that can precisely fulfill your demand. Not only do we search on the internet but also we focus on the real users who have experience using the products practically.

I admit it is not that easy to trust the simple words of an individual or a team easily after having a severely bad experience in any purchase based on any useless guideline.

With the blessing of technology, so many tips and procedures you may find. But in my opinion, it requires simple and hard-effort-oriented research to make it smooth for the users. And we have done this job this way.

To make this reliable review, we have cross-examined the quality of the products frequently. That’s how we have decided to combine this saw blade list before all of the respective consumers.

My only goal is to help you in taking the right decision. In terms of that, we have made a team as I have mentioned before, and consult a lot on this zone with our collective data that I have made for your assistance.

Discussion about features

Now we discuss the features and specifications, pros and cons of each miter saw blade with one another. Then we have finally made this review. I think you have already got your answer to the above-mentioned question. If you still have any doubts feel free to ask in the comment box.

6 Best Miter Saw Blade Reviews

Have a close look at our best miter saw blade reviews carefully and identify your desired one precisely.

DEWALT 10-Inch Miter Saw Blades Combo Pack (DW3106P5)

This DeWALT comes as a set of two saw blades. One of them has 60 teeth. It is better for crosscutting and the other one has 32 teeth. It is a general-purpose saw blade.

DEWALT 10-Inch Miter Saw Blade (DW3106P5)

Features and Specifications

  • The blade length is 10-inch.
  • Item dimensions are 13.75 x 13.75 x 0.19 inches (LxWxH).
  • The blade is 2.95 pounds in weight.
  • It is a carbide tip blade.
  • This saw blade is ‎metallic in color.
  • The arbor size is of this blade is 5/8-inch.
  • It has a 0.095-inch kerf.
  • The hook angle is 7-degree.
  • It has a computer-balanced plate.
  • This saw blade is best used for the miter saw and slide miter saw jobs.
  • Warranty Description: Satisfaction Guarantee.

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  • It comes in a set of two.
  • Tougher tungsten carbide remains sharper longer.
  • This Dewalt blade a fast and smooth cutting action
  • A computer-balanced plate helps to reduce vibration
  • It gives accurate cuts and a better finish.
  • A true edge is maintained by durable tungsten carbide.
  • This blade leaves a lot of splinters on wood


Question: Will this blade work to cut laminate flooring?

Answer: Yes, this blade will cut. But cutting laminate will prematurely dull this blade.

Question: What is the max RPM rating of this blade?

Answer: The maximum RPM rating of this blade is 6000.

DEWALT 12-Inch Miter Saw Blade 2-Pack (DW3128P5)

DEWALT DW3128P5 12-Inch is a two-pack of saw blades. One of them has 32 teeth ripper blade and another one has 80 teeth miter saw blade. A carrying bag is included with it for easy portability and storage.

DEWALT 12-Inch Miter Saw Blade (DW3128P5)

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Features and Specifications

  • The blade length is 12-inch.
  • Item dimensions are 17 x 13.56 x 0.63 inches (LxWxH).
  • It is 1.2 Kilograms in weight.
  • that has a carbide tip blade.
  • Ultra-sharp construction carbide.
  • It has a thin kerf of 0.095-inch.
  • The hook angle is 7-degree.
  • It has an anti-kickback shoulder.
  • Warranty Description: 3-year limited warranty.
  • It comes in a set of two.
  • Ultra-sharp construction carbide provides long life and clean cuts.
  • DEWALT DW3128P5 saw blade gives you quick, smooth, and accurate cuts.
  • A well compromise between precision and speed.
  • Tougher tungsten carbide remains sharper longer.
  • It increases durability and helps prevent binding.
  • It has great versatility.
  • The kerf provides good accuracy and minimal waste.
  • Thin kerf design for smooth, fast cutting.
  • This blade covers all bases from a reliable manufacturer.

  • You can’t use it for melamine or other laminates


Question: Will the 80 tooth saw be good for cutting PVC pipe?

Answer: Yes, you can use the DEWALT DW3128P5 to cut PVC pipe.

Question: What is the arbor hole size?

Answer: The arbor hole size is 1-inch.

CRAFTSMAN 10-Inch Miter Saw Blade, Combo Pack (CMAS210CMB)

Craftsman CMAS210CMB 10-inch miter saw blade comes combined with another 10-inch table saw blade. One blade has 24 teeth and the other one has 60 teeth. You can get a worthy blade combination from Craftsman. Both blades have higher durability and longer edge life.

CRAFTSMAN 10-Inch Miter Saw Blade, Combo Pack

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Features and Specifications

  • The blade length is 10-inch.
  • Item dimensions are 13.86 x 10.83 x 0.12 inches (LxWxH).
  • It is 3.11 pounds in weight.
  • That has a carbide tip blade.
  • Induction-brazed carbide teeth.
  • Its made of heat-treated blades.
  • A corrosion-resistant coating is added.
  • Arbor Diameter is 5/8-inch.
  • Kerf is 0.1-inch.
  • The hook angle is 7-degree.
  • It comes in a set of two.
  • CRAFTSMAN 10-Inch saw blades are made for durability and long life
  • A heat-treated plate of this blade eliminates the warping problem.
  • Precision ground teeth give smooth, accurate cuts.
  • The corrosion-resistant coating prevents rust.
  • No warranty is available.


Question: What is the maximum RPM of these blades?

Answer: The maximum RPM is 6,000.

Question: Where are these blades made?

Answer: The CRAFTSMAN CMAS210CMB is manufactured in China.

Makita A-93681 10-Inch Micro Polished Miter Saw Blade Silver

The Makita A-93681 10-Inch saw blade is best suited for plywoods, soft and hardwoods. This blade is also excelling in making crosscuts. It is one of the most inexpensive blades for the miter saw. This saw blade is ideal for hardwood, softwood, and plywood.

Makita A-93681 10-Inch 80 Tooth Micro Polished Miter Saw Blade

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Features and Specifications

  • The blade length is 10-inch.
  • This blade has 80 teeth.
  • ATAF (Alternate Top and Alternate Face) tooth is designed.
  • Item dimensions are 12 x 11.8 x 0.2 inches (LxWxH).
  • It is 1.75 pounds in weight.
  • Micro-grain carbide teeth of this blade are honed with up to 600 Grit for a mirror finish.
  • Teeth are ATB patterns.
  • Fully hardened and expertly hand-tensioned steel saw plates.
  • Japanese ultra-thin kerf carbide-tipped design.
  • It has an ultra-thin kerf of 0.091-inch.
  • The hook angle is 5 Degree.
  • Plate thickness is 0.071-inch.
  • The maximum speed is 5870 RPM.
  • Warranty Description: 1 Year and 30 Days.
  • Fine Crosscutting.
  • Tooth design for ultra-precision cutting.
  • It gives an accurate cut and a great finish.
  • It provides smoother cuts with less drag on the motor.
  • Superior blade.
  • Longevity awesome.
  • One of the best blades for sliding miter saws.
  • Not suitable for heavy-duty jobs


Question: Will this blade provide a clean quality cut on plastic material?

Answer: Likely no. And you should not cut plastic with this blade.

Question: what is the arbor size of this blade?

Answer: The arbor size is 5/8-inch.

Diablo by Freud “Freud D1050X Diablo 10-inch” ATB Combo Saw Blade

This Freud D1050X Diablo 10-inch 50 tooth blade is ideal for ripping and crosscutting wood, as well as wood composites. carbide-tipped teeth. It gives you a smooth finish. A larger gullet separates each set of 5 teeth. while ripping Diablo’s large gullet provides the chip removal space required. And when crosscutting the close grouping of the set of 5 teeth provides the smaller bit size required.

Diablo by Freud - Freud D1050X Diablo 10-inch ATB

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Features and Specifications

  • The blade length is 10-inch.
  • It has 50 teeth.
  • Item dimensions are 14.7 x 12 x 0.2 inches (LxWxH).
  • The blade is 0.3 pounds in weight.
  • That has a super-thin laser cut kerf.
  • Perma-SHIELD nonstick coating and tri-metal shock-resistant brazing.
  • Arbor Size is 5/8-inch.
  • This blade has a thin kerf of 0.098-inch.
  • The hook Angle is 15-degree.
  • Tip Type Carbide.
  • Super-thin laser cut kerf gives you fast, durable, and clean cuts
  • It gives Clean, Razor-Sharp Cuts in Wood.
  • The shock-resistant carbide of this blade gives long-lasting precision.
  • Easy to use.
  • Laser-cut stabilizer vents trap the blade noise and vibration
  • It keeps the blade cool and helps to reduce blade warp.
  • Laser-Cut Kerf reduces warping and friction and also helps to extend the blade’s cutting life.
  • It also helps to extend the blade’s cutting life.
  • It has pinching issues with some saws


Question: What is the maximum RPM of this blade?

Answer: The maximum RPM is 7,000.

Question: Where is the product manufactured?

Answer: The product is manufactured in Italy.

Freud D1080X Diablo 10″ ATB Saw Blade

Ultra finish Freud D1080X Diablo 10″ ATB Saw blades let trim crews get the most out of sliding or chop-style miter saws. While minimizing grabbing or blowout the high tooth count and special cutting geometry produce extremely smooth cuts. Flawless crosscuts in wood and flawless finish in melamine as well as veneered plywood. Ideal for hardwood, softwood, and plywood.

Freud D1080X Diablo 10-inch ATB Saw Blade

Check Price on Amazon

Features and Specifications

  • The blade length is 10-inch.
  • This blade has 80 teeth.
  • Item dimensions are ‎ 1 x 1 x 1 inches (LxWxH).
  • It is 0.3 pounds in weight.
  • Arbor size is 5/8-inch.
  • TiCo™ Hi-Density carbide design provides each application to increase performance.
  • Perma-SHIELD Non-stick Coating.
  • Super thin laser cut kerf of 0.098-inch.
  • The hook angle is 15-degree.
  • Super-thin laser cut kerf gives you fast, durable, and clean cuts
  • It protects from heat, gumming, & corrosion.
  • The shock-resistant carbide of this blade gives long-lasting precision.
  • Easy to use.
  • Impacts for maximum durability
  • Laser-cut stabilizer vents reduce noise and vibration.
  • Little bit costly.


Question: Where is the product manufactured?

Answer: The product is manufactured in China.

Question: What is the maximum RPM of this blade?

Answer: The maximum RPM is 6000.

Things to Consider When Buying a Miter Saw Blade

For buying purposes, most of us prefer to have a product that sustains for long. When buying a Miter Saw Blade there are a few questions you must ask yourself. They are:

  • In what type of miter saw will you use the blade?
  • What materials will you cut by the blade?
  • The blade will be used to make various cuts in this project
  • What do you want? A collection of specialized blades or one blade that can make all types of cuts?
  • How powerful is your miter saw and what is the recommendation size blade for the saw on which the blade will be used?

Answering the above questions will go a long way toward clarifying your best options. Well, after finding the answers you should focus on some other things.

Number Of Teeth

In general, blades with more teeth give a smoother cut, and blades with fewer teeth remove the material faster. So according to your need, you should buy a miter saw blade.


The gullet is the space in front of every tooth in order to allow for chip removal.

In Ripping Operation: The chip size is bigger and the feed rate is faster. Here the gullet needs to be deep enough.

In Crosscutting: The chip size is smaller and fewer per tooth, so here the gullet is small and strong.

Blade Tooth Configuration

The shape of the saw blade tooth has a lot to do with whether the blade will work best for ripping, crosscutting, or laminates.

Flat-Top (FT)

Flat-top teeth are used for ripping hardwoods and softwoods. This shape is the most efficient design for cutting and raking material out of the cut.

Alternate Top Bevel (ATB)

These blade teeth alternate between the right-hand and left-hand bevel. This configuration of blades will give you a smoother cut for crosscutting veneered plywood and natural woods.

Combination Tooth (Comb)

Combination blades are designed to do both ripping and crosscutting. The teeth are arranged in a set of five. Where four ATB teeth and one FT with a large gullet between the groups.

Triple Chip Grind

This configuration of blades is ideal for cutting hard materials such as MDF, laminates, and plastics.

High Alternate Top Bevel (Hi-ATB)

This configuration of blades is used for extra-fine crosscutting. It is also used to cut materials surfaced with melamine. At the edge of the blade, the high bevel angle increases the knife-like action.

Blade Tooth Configuration

Hook Angle

Hook angle plays an important role in blade operation. Suppose a blade has a high positive hook angle (for example 22-degree). It will give you a very aggressive cut and a fast feed rate. On the other hand, a low or negative hook angle will slow the feed rate of the blade. It will also inhibit the tendency to climb the material being cut.

Kerf Width

It is another important feature. There are many blades in both thin-kerf and full-kerf varieties. Full-kerf blades typically give you a cut of the 0.125-inch slot. These blades are intended for use on miter saws powered by 3HP (or greater) motors. A thin-kerf blade removes less material than a full-kerf blade. It requires less power to operate and it allows lower-powered miter saws to cut material.

Miter Saw Blade Teeth Quality

Most high-quality teeth of miter saw blades are thick carbide tips. As long as the blade will stay sharp, it will give clean cuts. And how many re-sharpenings it will handle also depend on the quality of the cutting tips.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question-1: Can a 10-inch blade be used on a 12-inch miter saw?

Answer: Yes, it can be used provided the arbor size is the same. But you cannot use a 12-inch blade with a 10-inch miter saw.

Question-2: Can a miter saw blade be used on a table saw?

Answer: Miter saw blades can only be used on table saws if the blade kerf is equal to or greater than the thickness of the area you’re trying to cut on your table saw.

Question-3: Are more teeth on a saw blade better?

Answer: It all depends on the nature of the cut to make. For smoother crosscutting operations, those blades that have more teeth will excellently do the job. But for ripping cut operations, a blade with fewer teeth will be needed as they cut faster.


That’s all about the best miter saw blade. We hope that you have enjoyed reading our reviews and have seen a few brands that interest you. The above-mentioned miter saw blades are the best we found after a lot of filtering and research.

Maybe you are torn by now in confusion in choosing your desired one to purchase. To make you ease, we have combined just 6 products listed before you rather than a thousand. Now, take your time and select the suitable one that fits your needs.

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