Best Hybrid Table Saw Reviews and Buying Guide in 2021


Feeling worried about buying a suitable hybrid table saw for your workshop or your personal use? No worry at all. We are here with a complete package of the best hybrid table saw with the most specifications and available features.

In addition, you know what this is so confusing to find the right one to suit your specific needs for sure. Our hour of analysis and collected information about the top models with extensive features will assist you to choose the suitable picks meeting your requirements.

Hope our goal is clear to you now. Let’s start seeing the top 5 hybrid table saws review with extensive information.

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  1. Need to Buy a Hybrid Table Saw Now?
  2. Check Out Our Top 5!
  3. Reasons for Trust in Our Words.
  4. 5 Best Hybrid Table Saw Reviewed!
  5. How We Have Made This Hybrid Table Saw List?
  6. Advantages of Using Hybrid Table Saw.
  7. Buying Guide.
  8. Conclusion.

Need to Buy a Hybrid Table Saw Now?

Check Out Our Top 5!

Reasons for Trust in Our Words

Here must be a question arise why should you trust in our word in this review! There must be reasons in those bases you are going to trust in. If you have no experience in buying any hybrid table saw before, you must be overwhelmed with a wide range of products for sure as here most of the reviews aggravate their product’s quality for increasing their sale, it’s a hard task to choose the right product that suits your demands.

As an experienced person, I can feel it because I was also a newbie once upon a time. I can understand how painful it is to spend your hard-earned money behind a useless product based on some showy reviews which were just making business profits only. Some manufacturing companies unnecessarily follow this trend without thinking about the consumer’s needs.

I don’t want anyone to go through this toughest situation, that’s why I intend to help you heartily from a view of responsibility with this unbiased review.

Here, I along with my team for researching purposes, spend hours upon hours in figuring out the best hybrid table saw that can fulfill your demand precisely. Not only do we search on the internet but also we focus on contacting the real users who have experience using the products practically.

With the blessing of technology, so many tips and procedures you may find. But in my opinion, it requires simple and hard-effort-oriented research to make it smooth for the users. And we have done this job like this way.

To make this reliable review, we have cross-examined the quality of the product frequently. That’s how we have decided to combine this table saw list before all of the respective consumers.

Our only goal is to help you in taking the right decision. In terms of that, we have made a team as I have mentioned before, and consult a lot on this zone with our collective data that we have made for your assistance.

After that, we discuss the pros & cons, features, and benefits of each hybrid table saw with one other. Then finally we have made this review. I think now you have got your answer.

5 Best Hybrid Table Saw Reviewed!

Here is our best hybrid table saw reviews. Have a close look at it and identify your desired one precisely.

Laguna Tools Fusion Hybrid Table Saw

Laguna Tools Fusion Hybrid Table Saw

Check Price on Amazon

Laguna tools hybrid table saw is the best choice for that woodcutter who wants most perfection in woodcutting. This solidly built device flexibly fits with the attachments having it on the blade plate.

This is going to provide you easier cut by making a suitable contact point on the casting. Most precise ripping with zero tolerance features excessively adds a new dimension for the users to use this hybrid saw. Let’s learn about other features.

Features and Benefits

•    1.75HP Motor

Laguna tools fusion saw features with a decent motor with a capacity of 1.75 HP. Furthermore, with 115 V of AC wire, it operates the blade for making perfection in the woodcut.

•    Construction & Design

This saw has a zero clearance throat plate that is also with high-quality technology to the edge.

The absolute design on the trunnion is mounted nicely. That’s why the overall hybrid saw seems to have an aesthetically pleasing look.

Moreover, it makes it easier to fit into the cabinet. Again, it is built moderately with a mobility kit. However, the dustless cabinet design relatively manages the cleanliness of the saw.

•    Dust Collection

This solidly built hybrid table saw has a smooth dust collector system. The enclosed is suitably connected with a ramp for the debris to come down through the 4” dust port.

•    Suitable Blade

With a 10” diameter blade, it flexibly moves to the hardwood and smoothly presents easier operation in its thickness.

•    Riving Knife

It features a safe Riving knife for further protection of flexibly prevents anti-kickback with safety blade guards too.

  • Laguna tools fusion saw has a nice miter-gauge.
  • The fence is perfectly all right.
  • It ensures an easier and smooth cut.
  • It allows for an easier change in the blade.
  • It adopts with a safety feature.
  • It prevents unusual accidents of kickback with a safety riving knife.
  • There is no supportive insert at the very backside to avoid much dipping.

Shop Fox W1837 Hybrid Table Saw

Shop Fox W1837 Hybrid Table Saw

Check Price on Amazon

Amidst hybrid table saw models, Shop Fox W1837 is ideally perfect for them who are with tight budgets and desires a device with wonderful features.

This best hybrid table saw is appealing for each woodcutter for providing trouble-free services. With the powerful 2 HP motor, it can easily make good assistance in cutting through hardwoods smoothly.

Excellent rip capacity and smooth precision in cutting make it extraordinary for a wide range of use. Let’s have a closer look at other key features and benefits of it.

Read our complete Shop Fox W1837 Hybrid Table Saw Review here.

Features and Benefits

•    Quick Release Blade Guard

The Shop Fox W1837 features an efficient blade guard service designed with important safety features. Again the solid quality control setup allows reliable operation in woodcut precisely.

The clear guard contributes to avoiding accidental issues and ensure a smooth cut of the workpiece.

•    4” Dust Port

The significant 4-inch dust port allows easier dust collection and makes the workspace dust-free. This enclosed cabinet feature allows a dust collector with a connection of 400 CFM.

•    2 HP Motor

It incorporates a powerful 2 HP motor that defines the smooth cut through thick hardwoods. Again it drives the blade with much excellence with 120V and 15Amp force.

•    Riving Knife

There is a riving knife along with this hybrid table saw ready to prevent kickbacks. It saves you from non-through wood cutting incidents of the blade guard.

•    Construction

Just like other popular hybrid table saws, Shop Fox is relatively great at providing superior performance with the most reliable construction.

This cast-iron made saw with steel made wings is helpful to lessen the vibration and confirm the ultimate blade-to-height alignment with maximum accuracy.

  • This hybrid table saw is precisely built-in high-quality components.
  • Excellent rip capacity allows easy woodcut.
  • It provides the Best value for the money issues.
  • This saw is easy to move.
  • Excellent design with sophisticated features is great to use.
  • This saw is durable.
  • It offers you accuracy in cutting maintaining the adjustments perfectly.
  • This saw requires plenty of adjustment at the very first step of the installation, otherwise not work with great speed.

Grizzly G0715P Hybrid Table Saw


Check Price on Amazon

If you are looking for the most stunning contractor and cabinet-style table saw, then you can choose it without a doubt.

Just like others, this one has added a sterling addition to its features such as dust controlling features, blade guard, precise size, weight, and especially in price.

The manufacturers made their best effort to enhance its quality with accurate efficiency.

We also have detailed reviews of Grizzly G0771Z & Grizzly G0833P Hybrid Table Saw in case if you want to check those out.

Features and Benefits

•    Construction and Design

Grizzly G0715P boasts the table saw marketplaces with 26×30××43 inches with a portable weight of 450 pounds.  That is why it is easily transferrable. Again, it beholds the CSA certified standards with quality control features.

•    2 HP Motor

This solidly built saw features a 2Hp motor powered by 110/220V for regular movement of the blade with precision in cutting.

•    Serpentine Belt & Pulley System

A stunning addition the Grizzly G0715P incorporates nicely is the Serpentine belt and pulley mechanism. This excellent system highly allows doing a noise-free operation. Again, it enables most accuracy in the power system with great Excellency.

•    Camlock T-Shaped Fence

This is another spectacular feature of this hybrid table saw. As it is a smooth glide fence system, it maintains superb accuracy along with easier wood-cutting operation.

  • Grizzly G0715P provides excellent rip capacity.
  • It has a solid cast-iron trunnion.
  • This allows the best customer service with a tech support facility to the users for fixing any issues.
  • The price range is affordable for users.
  • It permits easier woodcuts.
  • The miter acts poorly with a few shortcomings at the slot point.

Shop Fox W1824 Hybrid Table Saw

Check Price on Amazon

Shop Fox W1824 is popular for its perfect design and its trouble-free service to professional woodcutters. If you want to accomplish a reliable wood-cutting operation with precision cut, then this saw is the clear solution for you. The wonderful makes it worth considering the valuable addition like powerful motor, blade tilt, depth of cut, quick release blade guard, etc. Let’s know about the in-detail description of the features.

Features and Benefits

•    Construction and Design

The Shop Fox W1824 owns a powder-coated cabinet. Moreover, the solid cast iron table enhances its durability. Again, with the perfect table size of 27-55 inches and 34 inches height, it is finished with maximum depth in cutting.

•    Quick Release Blade Guard

This aesthetically built hybrid table saw features with a quick-release blade guard. It minimizes the ultimate risks of accidents and injury. The woodcutter can clearly see the blade cut while doing the workpiece operation through it.

•    Anti-Kickback Pawls

This safety addition contributes to moving the workpiece to go in one direction. Otherwise, chances are more for the pawls to stop the operation by digging into the workpiece.

•    True Riving Knife

The metal plate riving knife saves the operator from unwanted kickback caused by the workpiece.

•    Low Friction Composite Extension Table

This is another sterling feature of this table saw. It reduces vibration and creates a noise-free operation during the operation.

•    Camlock T-Shaped Fence

This is another spectacular feature of this hybrid table saw. As it is a smooth glide fence system, it maintains superb accuracy along with easier wood-cutting operation with the HDPE face.

  • Dust port works nicely as a dust collector.
  • No problem at the assemble issue.
  • The T slot miter fence works well.
  • It has a moderate pace of working without any slowness.
  • It is affordable in price.
  • This saw is durable.
  • It offers you accuracy in cutting maintaining the adjustments perfectly.
  • The main body seems a bit heavy to carry.
  • Wheels may need more time to wind up while working.

DELTA 36-715 Hybrid Table Saw

Check Price on Amazon

DELTA 36-715 Hybrid Table Saw is one of the iconic saws with reliable features. This manufacturer has been earning this popularity for many years due to its power, precision, and reliability. The following features should take your closer look.

Features and Benefits

•    Construction

This is one of the rock-solid saws when ready for installation. The saw table includes a wide extension with glass cast iron. That is why it is durable enough for regular and constant use.

Moreover, the solid steel angle iron with an aluminum fence is useful for gliding with comfort.

•    T-square Locking System

It comes with a three-point T-square locking mechanism. The ultimate hairline pointer ensures precision in cutting with maximum accuracy.

•    T2 30-inch Fence

The T2 30-inch Fence comes with excellent rip capacity for 30-inches on the right part of the blade. In addition, maintains 13.5-inch to the left side.

•    T-slot Miter Gauge

T-slot miter gauge comes with wide gauges. It provides huge stability to the users when the gauge runs.

•    Poly-V Belt

Poly-V-belt system comes with a pulley that significantly produces sufficient power to work with.

•    Dust Collection

The 4-inch dust port system carries out the garbage disposal easy.

•    1-3/4 HP Motor

This hybrid saw comes with 1-3/4 HP motor powered by 115/230V. It ensures the super precision in cutting thick hardwood.

  • This saw is nicely machined.
  • Easy assembly.
  • Stable and maintains accuracy in cutting.
  • Has a Reliable blade guard.
  • Minimizes the vibration.
  • A few users made complain in belt drive issues.
  • Wheels may need more time to wind up while working.

How We have Made this Hybrid Table Saw List

With our tireless efforts, we have combined the genuine lists of the best hybrid table saw and it almost covers up a couple of months behind the research. Here we have considered power capacity, blade capability, size and space, safety and other kinds of useful features scrutinize. We get a lot of useless service from different table saws. Some of the products were fully worthless to use. Then after a lot of research, we can reach a firm decision on making the final lists.

In addition, we have added the real user’s experience here. To assure you more, we have researched each of the hybrid saws and understand their affordability, their way of working, advantages and disadvantages.

Behind this fruitful review, there are many hard-working days and nights with a lot of brainstorming.

This enables us to take the final decision of making the comprehensive lists. In this review, we have made a detailed discussion of the key things to focus on learning the facts that should be considered while choosing the best hybrid table saw.

Advantages of Using Hybrid Table Saw

There are t of advantages you can have from the hybrid table saw. If you have a woodworking business, definitely you should own this tool. You should appreciate it because of its power, efficiency, and accuracy. It has also internal moving parts that tend to last longer.

While working, you must desire a comfortable environment. Am I right? Hybrid tables ensure the sound working environment as it works without producing many sounds. This saw comes with an in-built dust collector. This saw comes with the base enclosed style. In it, the base is enclosed and the motor is mounted inside it.

Buying Guide for Hybrid Table Saw

If you are a beginner at the place of choosing the best hybrid table saws, certainly, knowing the guideline to buy simply adds enough versatility to the purchase.

In general, this is very much simple asking about what to come into our consideration for buying this essential workshop equipment.

‘Okay, we understand your difficulties and come with a comprehensive guide to show you the right direction while buying it.  Let’s have a look at that.

Accuracy in Cutting

No doubt that this factor is the key point of buying a hybrid table saw to finish a smooth wood cutting. There should be trouble-free blade activities while completing a woodcut.

However, this is more important to consist of all levels of cuts such as rip cuts, etc. with maximum efficiency. So remember about ensuring the best miter gauge and fence of the wood-cutting device for a smooth cut.


If you are about to define the significant value of your hybrid table saw’s power of cutting, certainly horsepower is a wonderful factor to consider about.

The project you are going to complete may remain unfinished due to the lack of required horsepower to cut wood.

Again, you should be aware of the fact of choosing a saw with more than requires power as it leads you to face instability. Even it can make happening accidents disrupt the actual accuracy in cutting.

However, a hybrid table saw with 1.5-2 horsepower produces approximately 18-24 amps allowing 120V circuits. For a cut of 2-inch thick hardwood, this is eligible to use.

On the other hand, with 3-5 horsepower producing 240V can manage at cutting through the hardwood with 3-inch thickness. However, remember the growing power level might create a back kickback. This is much risky to face.

Riving Knife

Earlier I mention a point named kickback. This risky term is closely associated with a hybrid table saw. So, how to avoid this kind of accidental issue?

Well, in reply to your question, I would like to suggest you look for a riving knife with excellent quality in your wood-cutting saw.

However, make sure for having a similar curve by the blade guard. As the riving knife is exactly found at the back of the blade, it highly prevents kick-back.

So when you are going to buy a hybrid table saw, pay a closer look at exploring about quick releasing riving knife with required convenience.


This is another important consideration at your learning outreach before buying a hybrid table saw.

Naturally, you will get two kinds of drive in it. One is called a belt drive and another is a direct drive. So, I will discuss the distinct convenience of using these two different drives.

Belt drive ultimately provides maximum longevity with several good torques. Moreover, it makes a connection between the motor and the blade. Again, it creates noise and is poor dust collection.

On the other hand, direct-drive directly connects the blade to the motor consequently.

Dust Collection

No matter, whatever happens, your workshop needs to hold a pleasing look even after an extensive woodcut.

So if you desire for keeping your workspace neat and clean, wish for having the best dust collection feature in your hybrid table saw. Hence, it should be out of allergens having a wider dust port.

Normally, you will get about a 4-inches dust port at each conventional hybrid table saw.

Size and Weight

This factor is much needed to pay close attention for you to consider. Before your purchase of a hybrid table saw, designate a suitable workspace in your working area or basement, where it is most comfortable to work with satisfaction.

Then you need to take the right measurement of the space you choose, as you need to position the saw in the extension of that area.

Hence, it comes with weight. This is equally important to focus on if you need to travel with the device once again. Heavy saws might not ease at carrying. And, when you intend to run it with a wheel, this might be nor helpful for you due to excessive weight.

Flesh Sensor

Safety is no doubt a big issue to ensure before buying any device, right? So applying a similar thought in buying a hybrid table saw, you need to look for a flesh sensor in it.

So why it is more important to consider a flesh sensor?

Well, actually when working with the wood cutting device, it is very common for the blade to come in close contact with your skin.

Flesh sensor beholds the maximum capacity to pause the blade within fractional seconds and save you from unwanted dangers. Solid construction:

Normally, each product should have a long-lasting quality before buying. In that case, there is no exception in buying a hybrid table saw.

To ensure the long life of your wood cutting machine, metal parts are significantly important. Look for cast iron-made sturdy construction that enhances the durability of the hybrid wood cutting saw.


I truly hope that the above-mentioned best hybrid table saws should minimize worry for every woodcutter. You will get every specific aspect required in such as the flexibility, portability, stability, blade guard, etc. in these devices. So enjoy it to the fullest.

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