Best Contractor Table Saw Reviews and Buying Guide in 2021


Would you prefer one table saw with many features or many table saws? I think the answer seems pretty straightforward. Instead of buying many different machines for various tasks, it is better to buy the one best contractor table saw. You get a powerful motor, more features, versatility in making cuts, and ample working space.

When you embark on your shopping spree, you will find many table saws posing to be the best contractor table saws, but they lack when it comes to performance. They may falter at the cutting ability or offer less than the required power. So, if it is difficult for you to go and check them all out, we have curated a buying guide for your ease.

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Best Contractor Table Saw
  1. Need to buy a Contractor Table Saw Now?
  2. Check Out Our Top 3!
  3. 3 Best Contractor Table Saw Reviewed!
  4. Reason for trust our review
  5. Buying Guide
  6. Conclusion

Need to buy a Contractor Table Saw Now?

Our Pick One
SawStop CNS175-SFA30 10-Inch Contractor Saw

Check Out Our Top 3!

3 Best Contractor Table Saw in Our List
SawStop CNS175-SFA30 10-Inch Contractor Saw
Delta 36-5100T2 Contractor Table Saw
Delta 36-5000 10-Inch Left Tilt Contractor Saw

3 Best Contractor Table Saw Reviewed!

Have a close look at our best contractor table saw reviews carefully and identify your desired one precisely.

Reason for Trust Our Contractor Table Saw Review

Why you should trust in our words in this best contractor table saw review This is a must-have question indeed. Where most of the reviews aggravate their product’s quality for increasing their sale, it’s a hard task to choose the right product that suits your demands. If you have no experience in buying any table saw before, you must be overwhelmed with a wide range of products for sure.

I know how painful it is to spend your hard-earned money behind a useless product based on some showy reviews which were just making business profits only. Some of the manufacturer companies unnecessarily follow this trend without thinking about the consumer’s needs. Then it becomes a tough situation for buying a quality product.

That’s why I intend to help you heartily from a view of responsibility with this unbiased review.

Here, I along with my team for researching purposes, spend hours upon hours in figuring out the best cabinet table saw that can fulfill your demand precisely. Not only do we search on the internet but also we focus on the real users who have experience using the products practically.

I admit it is not that easy to trust the simple words of an individual or a team easily after having a severely bad experience in any purchase based on any useless guideline.

With the blessing of technology, so many tips and procedures you may find. But in my opinion, it requires simple and hard-effort-oriented research to make it smooth for the users. And we have done this job like this way.

To make this reliable review, we have cross-examined the quality of the products frequently. That’s how we have decided to combine this table saw list before all of the respective consumers.

Our only goal is to help you in taking the right decision. In terms of that, we have made a team as I have mentioned before, and consult a lot on this zone with our collective data that we have made for your assistance.

Then we discuss the pros and cons, features, and benefits of each cabinet table saw with one another. Then we have finally made this review. I think you have already got your answer to the above-mentioned question. If you still have any doubt feel free to ask in the comment box.

SawStop CNS175-SFA30 10-Inch Contractor Saw


Check Price on Amazon

Specifications of SawStop CNS175-SFA30

  • The blade length of the SawStop CNS175-SFA30 is 10-inch.
  • The dimentions of this table saw are 60.75 x 19.5 x 40.64 inches(LxWxH)
  • It has 1.75 HP, 120v motor.
  • Overall weight is 259 pounds.

Features of SawStop CNS175-SFA30

Sawstop is a wonderful creation and effective tool for woodworkers. In terms of safety and excellent performance, Sawstop is a unique and first-class working tool that helps you a lot.

This is very powerful, genuine, and completely vibration-free in the feature.It stops a spinning blade in contact with skin. The blade of this table saw stops in less than 5 milliseconds, and drops below the table. It minimizes a potentially life-altering injury to a mere scratch.

The control box houses the on-off switch, power paddle, onboard computer, and constantly checks that all systems are working to reliably keep you safe.

This table saw has more than 150 unique configurations. That makes the contractor table saw the most configurable SawStop saw. It has a mobile base, sliding crosscut table or router table.

This table saw offers reliability, versatility, and safety for a variety of its users. The cast-iron tabletop creates a better-than-hybrid performance in the shop at an affordable price.

30-inch standard fence assembly is designed for the ideal balance between lightweight utility and accurate lockdown.

  • SawStop CNS175-SFA30 has a special safety system.
  • It gives to you a universal performance.
  • The 30″ Aluminum Fence System provides smooth operation.
  • The assembly instructions are well planned.
  • The table saw has plenty of power has the brake system.
  • Easy to use.
  • Took quite a while to install.

Delta 36-5100T2 Contractor Table Saw

Delta 36-5100T2 Contractor Table Saw

Check Price on Amazon

Specificaions of Delta 36-5100T2

  • The blade length of the Delta 36-5100T2 Contractor Table Saw is 10-inch.
  • Power source of this saw is Corded Electric.
  • The speed is 3450 RPM.
  • It has 50 teeth.
  • It has 30-Inch Rip Capacity.
  • Legendary biesmeyer fence of this table saw accurate to 1/64-inch.
  • 13/16-inch X 8-inch stacked dado capacity.

Features of Delta 36-5100T2

The Delta 36-5100T2 contractor table saw has designed with the professional in mind powered by a 15 amp induction motor. This table saw is the perfect choice for the fine craftsman. This table saw is maximized for accuracy, durability, stability, and mobility.

The heavy duty rail system along with the Legendary Biesemeyer style fence system allows for precision cuts. The fence of this table saw has a special configuration that allows you to cut small pieces of stock. When accuracy matters you can count on it for accurate and repeatably consistent cuts.

The Delta 36-5100T2 table saw provides a 3-1/8-inch depth of cut at 900 and 2-1/4-inch cutting depth at 450.

  • Powerful 15 Amp Contractor Grade motor easily handles hardwoods.
  • 30 Inch Rip Capacity handles large stock.
  • The adjustable belt drive system reduces vibration.
  • And also improves motor life.
  • This table saw has 5 Year Professional Warranty.
  • Good value for the money.
  • The fence may need adjustment out of the box.
  • Biesemeyer-style fence lacks durability.

Delta 36-5000 10-Inch Left Tilt Contractor Saw

Check Price on Amazon

Specifications of Delta 36-5000

  • The blade length of the Delta 36-5000 Contractor Table Saw is 10-inch.
  • Item Dimensions: 40 x 44 x 24 inches(LxWxH)
  • This saw has battery powered power source.
  • Cutting angle is 90 degrees.
  • It is 230 pounds in weight.
  • 30-inch rip capacity.
  • 52-inch cutting capacity.

Features of Delta 36-5000

You have gone through the contractor table saw reviews that tend to confuse more than eliminate ambiguities. But not here, because our goal is to help you find the most suitable contractor table saw from the market.

This table saw comes with a large working table that makes handling the large plywood a breeze. The safety and stability of this saw further enhance the performance.

This saw is a left tilt contractor saw that comes with a 10-inch blade and offers a ripping capacity of 52 inches. The tubular stand keeps it balanced when you are working on your projects.

The integrated rail system of the saw helps the board retain its position while you make highly precise cuts. There is a single power on/off button that removes the hassle of toggling with various switches.

The additional extension table comes with legs to support that area when you are working on larger sheets. The quick split guard system helps you remove the guard when it is time to replace the blade.

The saw comes with a 15-amp motor that is among the most powerful motors you can find on the contractor table saws these days.

  • Auto-blade brake system.
  • This table saw has a powerful motor
  • Extendable table design.
  • Easy to access ON/OFF switch
  • Heavy duty one piece rail system for accurate cuts every time
  • This table saw provides maximum support and stability
  • It does not come with a dado insert.

Buying Guide

Certain aspects of a contractor table saw need your attention before you fixate your mind on one table saw. The buying guide helps to understand your needs and measure them against the features provided in a machine. Thus, going through them is an inevitable part of buying the most suitable machine.

Blade Size

Checking the blade size is an essential requirement when buying a table saw. Often the machine comes with a 10-inch blade to make a variety of cuts through a wide array of materials.

Some of the expensive machines may also come fitted with a 12-inch blade. If you intend to upgrade the blade of your device, make sure it is compatible with the saw design.


The contractor table saws differ from the job side table saws in the manner that they are heavier and pack more punch. The average weight of these table saws may vary between 200 to 250 pounds, and many go as high as 400 pounds.

Table Saw Material

The table saw in the market is often made with cast Iron that bestows their sturdiness and stability to withstand the weight. Other materials that can lower the weight of the saw include stainless steel and stamped iron. Make sure to choose one according to your personal inclinations.

Table Attachment

Table saws differ based on the table design. You might find table saws that come with a foldable table that makes them compact. Others come with a smaller table. So you might want to look at the table design as well.

Fencing System

When you are working with a table saw, balance and stability plays an important role. The right fencing system ensures the material to cut has ample support. It also acts as a guide to making smooth and even cuts when you set the material against and mark accurate measurements.


The table saw comes with a motor whose strength is measured with Horsepower. Typically, you will find these saws with a maximum HP of two powerful enough to run their operations.

Onboard Storage

If you do not want to look for attachments and accessories lying here and there, many contractor table saws come with onboard storage. The hidden space under the blade or other storage cabinets offers you more room to adjust accessories.

Size of the Table

The table is where this saw takes its name from. The table size tells you about the size of the board you can work on this table saw. More extensive and spacious tables offer more space to work on bigger pieces of plywood sheets. The additional fencing also adds more area to the table.

Maximum Cutting Depth

Another feature is the maximum cutting depth. The bevel angle tells you about the depth of the cut. Most of the saws allow for 0 to 45 degrees of bevel angle. It is essential to know these figures and make sure they go parallel with your project’s requirements.


Finally, we have reached the end of this review about the best contractor table saw in the market. The review offers its features with pros and cons. A listing of their positives and negatives will help you make the right decision.

The table saw offers a perfect fit between strength and movement. They come in various designs and offer plenty of features. Make sure to buy the most appropriate one after gauging each one of them against your criteria.

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